Birmingham boys from the Netherlands? Foxlane prove it’s possible. A DIY-unit that always has a trick up its sleeve. Tight and balanced, but ready to attack. It’s no surprise they scored a streaming hit with their homage to Netflix series Peaky Blinders. The vile attitude filled with unpredictable explosiveness continues on their upcoming debut album.


The band led by energetic frontman Guus Timmermans have been propelling forward ever since their debut EP All Quite Good Now from 2017. They are not afraid to conquer their spot and have proven so during traveling showcase festival Popronde (‘Pop Tour’) in 2019. Their ‘take what you deserve’ attitude led them to becoming the most booked band of the nation’s most important festival for upcoming artists with 34 shows, only a year after winning the public choice award of the country’s biggest band competition.


With producer Remko Schouten (Canshaker Pi, Pavement), they managed to capture the sound of the band at the peaks of their potential at the IJland Studio. Expect that jumpy dance energy from artists like Foals combined with the rock rawness from acts such as Shame, Fontaines D.C. and Squid. It boasts that artistic vibe of New York around the turn of the seventies and eighties, when bands like Talking Heads walked straight out of art schools and into the clubs. Foxlane seem to come from a similar breeding ground of talent spawned by the arty zeitgeist. These mavericks are at least just as ambitious, so you better get ready.




Guus Timmermans: vocals, guitar, synthesizer 

Christiaan Végh: guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals

Joris van der Veeken: drums, backing vocals

Norman Samuels: bass



Photo: Elske Nissen